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Deanna M. Sullivan is also a Certified Ergonomic Evaluator Specialist (CEES).  Deanna completed her training through Roy Matheson and Associates in 2008.

Ergonomics is defined as fitting the job to the worker.  It describes the interaction between the worker and the job demands.

Ergonomic hazards refer to workplace conditions that pose the risk of injury to the musculoskeletal system of the worker. Examples of musculoskeletal injuries include tennis elbow (an inflammation of a tendon in the elbow) and carpal tunnel syndrome (a condition affecting the hand and wrist). Ergonomic hazards include repetitive and forceful movements, vibration, temperature extremes, poor lighting and awkward postures that arise from improper work methods and improperly designed workstations, tools and equipment.

This clinic provides both office and industrial evaluations.

A work environment that has taken ergonomics into account is more productive, safer and is more profitable because staff is less likely to be out due to work related injuries.

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